Work engagement, teaching practices with motivational effects, and learning-oriented classroom motivational climate

  • Francisco Leal-Soto Universidad de Tarapacá
  • Marcos Carmona-Halty Universidad de Tarapacá
  • Juan Dávila-Ramírez Universidad de Tarapacá
  • Yesennia Valdivia Universidad de Tarapacá
Keywords: work engagement, classroom motivational climate, teaching practices, secondary students


The influence of teaching practices on student motivation is indisputable. The concept of work engagement developed by positive psychologists can help pinpoint this influence. This study aimed to determine the relationships between work engagement of teachers, their teaching practices with motivational effects and learning-oriented motivational climate in the class. The study involved 46 teachers and 1,266 students. Students answered the Classroom Motivational Climate Questionnaire and teachers answered the Utrecht Work Engagement Scale and an adapted form of the Classroom Motivational Climate Questionnaire.  Work engagement of teachers was positively and significantly correlated with learning-oriented classroom motivational climate perceived by students and with teaching practices with motivational effects reported by teachers. The relevance of work engagement and wellbeing of teachers on teaching practice and student motivation is discussed.

Author Biographies

Francisco Leal-Soto, Universidad de Tarapacá
Académico, Departamento de Ciencias Sociales; Investigador Principal, Centro de Investigación para la Educación Inclusiva.
Marcos Carmona-Halty, Universidad de Tarapacá
Escuela de Psicología y Filosofía