Psychology, Interamerican
Non-psychotic denial of pregnancy: A psychoanalytical comprehension

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Gonçalves, T., Macedo, M., & Conz, J. (2014). Non-psychotic denial of pregnancy: A psychoanalytical comprehension. Revista Interamericana De Psicología/Interamerican Journal of Psychology, 48(1).


This paper explores the phenomenon of non-psychotic denial of pregnancy, a situation in which the woman is unaware that she is pregnant for up to five months or more, or until labor. This phenomenon is explored through three different psychoanalytical concepts: disallow, unthinkable pregnancy and indifference experience. The disallow defense mechanism, in cases of denial of pregnancy, is considered as an explanation why women do not link their bodily changes with a possible pregnancy. It appears that women cannot link the sexual act to pregnancy if they have suffered because of a traumatic situation. These situations are explained in the concept of unthinkable experience. In this paper, indifference experience is related to borderline patients, a possible psychopathological structure for women who do not know they are pregnant.