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Revista Interamericana de Psicología/Interamerican Journal of Psychology

Current Issue

Vol. 57 No. 3 (2023)
Published December 22, 2023

The Interamerican Journal of Psychology (IJP) is published since 1967 by the Interamerican Society of Psychology. It is the policy of the journal to publish the current developments of Interamerican Psychology under both the theoretical and the applied and professional perspective; doing this, the journal aims to promote communication and cooperation among psychologists from the different Interamerican Countries.


Evidence-Informed Psychological Therapies for Populations from Latin America and the Caribbean: Current Status and Future Directions from an Interamerican Perspective

The overarching objective of the proposed Special Issue of the Revista Interamericana de Psicología is to spotlight theory and research on evidence-informed psychological therapies in Latin America and the Caribbean, and their diasporic communities in North America. Cognitive and behavioural therapies (including third wave therapies) are of particular interest. Contributions may be in Spanish, Portuguese, French or English.

Deadline for receipt of contributions to the Special Issue: June 30, 2024.


December 22, 2023


Karla Santos Mateus, Cicero Roberto Pereira
English System Justification in the Social Explanation of the Violence against Minoritized Groups
Walter Lizandro Arias Gallegos, Hugo Klappenbach, Rubén Ardila, Wilson López-López, Tomás Caycho-Rodríguez
Herbert C. Kelman and Peace Psychology
PDF (Español (España))
Carlos Roberto Castro-Silva, Christiane Alves Abdala
The ethical-political role of the Community Health Workers' job in a Vulnerable Territory: contributions of participatory research
Raquel Farias Diniz, Juliana Moisés, Déborah Akila Barbosa, Ana Ludmila Freire Costa
Environmental Psychology in Latin America: an analysis of open access scientific production
PDF (Español (España))
Mouhamad Houssein Ballout, Amy Briggs, Jacob Armstrong, Charles Brendan Clark
Assessing the relative contribution of Moral Foundation Theory, Right-Wing Authoritarianism, and Social Dominance Orientation in the prediction of political orientation
Esperanza Ibáñez-Jiménez, Gonzalo Miguez, Vanetza Quezada-Scholz, Felipe Alfaro, Francisca Bertin, Camila Aguilar, Simón Ramírez, Mario Arturo Laborda Rojas
Cannabis Tolerance: A Scope Review
Roxana González Sotomayor, Ana Olivia Ruíz Martínez, Norma Ivonne González Arratia López Fuentes, Hans Oudhof-van Barneveld, Rosalía Vázquez Arévalo
Cohesion, Flexibility and Family Support in Relation to the Psychological Wellbeing of Individuals with Obesity Issues
PDF (Español (España))
Mateus Egilson da Silva Alves, Ludgleydson Fernandes de Araújo, Evair Mendes da Silva Sousa, Igor Eduardo de Lima Bezerra, Maria Fernanda Lima Silva, Ana Gabriela Aguiar Trevia Salgado
Old Age and Their Conceptions in the Political Field: A Psychosocial Analysis of LGBTQI+ Old Age from the social representations of municipal parliamentarians
PDF (Português (Brasil))
Cristiano Mauro Assis Gomes, Jhonys de Araujo, Enio Galinkin Jelihovschi
Predictive and incremental validity of Students’ Learning Approach Test (SLAT-Thinking)
Paula Vanessa Sánchez Agudelo
Community psychosocial practices carried out by victims of Colombian armed conflict. Literature Review
PDF (Español (España))
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